We provide SMB’s, startup’s, and corporate agencies with a digital marketing strategy that helps them drive revenue online with a human centric design approach. You can’t just have one person working at everything; research, design, or customer acquisition, as it’s an engine, not a piston. Everything in sync, we are giving you a system. If you want to compete and become #1, you need a whole system. It’s not just a shot in the arm, a silver bullet, it’s a continuous process your business needs a system to compete.

To put things in a perspective; your company is like a cabin with just a living room sitting on top of a gold mine. Our objective is to put it on the map, segregate the rooms so that customers are engaged in your website. And on the backend, how do we mine the gold? And sell it to the people visiting us?

Analytics is for continuously monitoring our performance and setting up realistic goals. These are defined by Key Performance Indicators. Acquisition KPI or how many eyeballs we can get. Engagement KPI or how much we can diffuse them with the info on the website. Exposure KPI or how much customers are ready to pay for the services of PGR

You Must Understand Human Buying Behavior

Our HBB Approach

Our approach allows us to consistently understand Human Buying Behavior (HBB) and RETARGET customer segments to bring you more money.