Growing The Fruits Of Your Market

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Water a New Fruit


Focus on the vision – Find the Virtue – Accelerate the Volume

Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR)



    Value Proportion

    For Enterprise and Local Business
    Price is based on time, size and scope of the project:
    Design new models
    Breaking barrier value positions
    Competitive advantage study
    Implementation structure and practice.


    Video and Audio Production

    For all Business and Personal Production:
    Price Varies Due To The Scope of Editing:
    Visual video Elements
    Audio features of your choice
    Intro and Outro Feedback
    Modern Public Relations Approach

Helping Craft a New Thought Process

Critical & Creative

Market analysis, feasibility, data, and creative thinking are all attributes necessary to outlining a comprehensive and effective marketing plan. Putting all these attributes to together are very critical in order to execute many different industry market strategies. When you build a well defined plan and learn to be consistent executing strategy is when real results come alive. 


Technology is moving fast and Communication is moving faster. That means it is harder to visualize new and explosive ideas within an existing business; even with a R & D division. Being a great CEO is not always easy when you are only around for 3 years or so. EIR’s can help shape concepts and designs allowing the CEO and board to strengthen and visualize their core competencies.


Visual Leadership

Harnessing the ability to see your thoughts and your goals into the future is very important. The want to find that mindset takes serious discipline. Many times the best need guidance with finding the vision or next.

Social Leadership

It doesn’t matter what business industry you’re in, ethics applies to all. Society is the real key to your businesses success and we owe it to the environment to develop code of ethics that focuses on the triple-bottom line approach, we do!

Design Leadership

Creativity is one of the hardest attributes to have great content and design creation. Creating while consistent and diligent in practice is very difficult.This is a leading success factor for entrepreneurs and marketers let’s begin to design together.

Virtue Leadership

Balancing the day to day take years of experience. Being cognizant of this balance and making effort to maintain is what makes a leader. These are attributes that we learn together and help one another focus.


Sharing knowledge and information creates transparency with you, our partners. The more we practice reciprocity the more effective our business relationship is. We believe to use both party’s creative talents and blend a solid campaign. We take an entrepreneurial approach and love to study the market holistically.